Public Adjusting Software Designed to Save Time & Money While Handling More Claims

Claim Titan can help your public adjusting business save time and money while you focus on closing more claims. Every step of your claim process can be organized into one powerful system allowing you to expedite your workflow and spend less time keeping up on claims.

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Configurable public adjusting software

Why Should You Use Software or a CRM to Manage Claims?

Every public adjuster has their method of working on claims. When you get to a point of balancing multiple active claims you need a way to keep track of them. Using software to manage your claims can help organize all the claim details you need in one central location and help reduce the time it takes for you to complete work on closing claims. This often means your business can handle more claims and spend less resources managing them.

Claim Titan Saves Time and Money Managing Your Claims

The main reason claim titan was built is to save time and money managing claims while running a public adjusting business. This software is developed by a public adjuster who was looking to remove the repetitious and resource consuming tasks during his own claims process. Think of Claim Titan as a 24 hour public adjusting assistant that knows all about your claim workflow and costs less than days worth of wages. It's an amazing piece of software for any public adjuster whether you are on your own are a multi-member firm.

Spend Less on:

  • Organizing Claims
  • Creating Documents
  • Administrative Overhead
  • Communicating Claim Events
  • Coordinating Between Parties
  • Saving Emails & Correspondence
  • Staying Updated on Claims
  • Running Reports
  • Calculating Finances
  • See more features...

Become a Titan

Handle More Claims and Grow Your Public Adjusting Business

Having an efficient claims process that works for you means you are always on track and can take on more claims.

Your Workflow Improved

Claim Titan can help you take on more claims by keeping your operations efficient and focused by reducing time consuming work. This means you will always be ready for whats next and have the information you need as a public adjuster quickly within reach. The system was designed to be configurable and work for your company process not the other way around. Claim Titan will follow the workflow your comfortable with and help optimize it.

Organize Your Claim Process

Your entire claim process can be managed by Claim Titan so that you have all the items you need in one location in a workflow you are use to.

Stay Ahead of Tasks

Keep on top of items that need to be completed for claims and know whats needed for every step of your process using tasks.

A System Tailored for You

Easily change the system to meet your business needs and customize it to match your workflow. Claim Titan was made to for you to use your own way.

Automatically Create Paperwork

Generate documents with templates and dynamically enter claim data for you. Now you can automatically fill in contracts and create loss letters in seconds.

Spend Less Time Searching

Keeping everything organized means you spend less time getting caught up searching and looking for important information or files.

Reduce Expenses and Overhead

Save time on each claim and spend less on labor or claim management. Investing in a Claim Titan will prove its value.

Better Than a Fancy Spreadsheet

We all use spreadsheets quite a lot as public adjusters and many of our first claims were organized by using some combination of spreadsheets. However when its time to grow and take on more claims it was best to invest in a system designed for the job. Claim Titan is the replacement to those spreadsheets and will help you manage your claims better because it was built around the public adjusting process for public adjusters. Everything in the system is built to help reduce your time managing claims so you can focus more time on closing claims.

Grow Your Business

The Right CRM for Your Public Adjusting Business

There are no shortages of CRM systems out there that all have their own advantages. Claim Titan is a CRM made specifically for public adjusters looking to grow their business and a better way to manage claims.

What makes Claim Titan different from other systems is that it was built from the needs of a public adjuster by a public adjuster. This means the system was designed with an inherit understanding of the claims process and can really excel where other more general platforms fall short.

The needs of every public adjusters business are different and we all work on a workflow that we develop over time. Claim Titan aims to help enhance your existing workflows and streamline your claims process without forcing you to make major changes in your claim handling process. This is also why Claim Titan was designed to be very configurable.

When you are ready to take your business to the next stages its important to invest in a system made to make that process efficient and effective that is also built for the job. Claim Titan is the system for public adjusters that are ready to streamline their claims process and help manage their public adjusting business.

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