Optimized Claims Management Software Made for Public Adjusters

The public adjuster software to help you grow your business. Organize policyholders better, track your claims more effectively, save hours on administration overhead and much more. Claim Titan offers a variety of features to increase the efficiency of your claims process and help you focus on closing claims.

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Every Aspect of Your Claim in One Location

Claim Titan is claims management software (CRM) for the public adjusting claims process. Focus on the more important aspects your claims and let Claim Titan handle those common tasks that occur on every job. Reduce the friction of your every day workflow and stay ahead of your claims more effectively with less effort through the help of a guided claims process.

"It's a huge relief always knowing where our claims are at in the process and being able to quickly get updates whenever we need."

John O'Brien - O'Brien Adjusting

Public adjuster software features

Configurable to the Core

Claim Titan public adjusting software is designed to be configurable from the ground up because the needs of every company are different. You can configure Claim Titan around your existing workflows and tailor default settings to your interests. Organize your claims your way and achieve higher profits for both you and your clients.

Configurable public adjusting software

Always Ready for What's Next

Every public adjuster has their own claims process starting with first client contact to delivering final settlement checks. It is important to know what needs to be done and where a claim is at in the process. Claim Titan helps you track claim objectives and make sure you are always ready for what's next. Public adjuster software should fit your claim process and not the other way around, this is a core principal behind Claim Titan.

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Claim titan public adjuster software works on mobile devices

Mobile, Tablet & PC

Access Claims From All Your Devices, No Separate App

Public Adjusters need access to their claims from the office and on the road without hassle. Claim Titan works on desktop, tablet and mobile devices without the need for a separate app, just visit claim titan from the browser of your choice. Everything you need to manage claims even when you are in the field with all the same features no matter the device.

Settle More Claims

It's Like Having a Personal Assistant on Every Claim

Claim Titan is the public adjuster software that has everything you need to close more claims with less time and effort. All your claim details accessible from a phone, tablet or PC.

Organized Workflow

Everything you need to successfully settle your claim, in one location.

Files & Media Uploads

Upload files, documents, videos and other media for claims.

Contacts & Personnel

Keep contacts for claims, properties, insurance companies and more in one search enabled list.


Schedule inspections, events, meetings and more on an integrated calendar.

Document Templating

Generate repeat documents with templates and dynamically enter claim data for you.


Download and create custom reports with all the important data you need.

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Powerful Automations

Eliminate Time Consuming "Busy Work" with Automations

There are tasks, documents and procedures that often are common across claims when public adjusting. Claim Titan provides the ability to take care of a number of repetitious items for you. Using template documents and powerful automations you can save hours of time and thousands of dollars in labor costs.

Become a Titan

Stop Digging for Paperwork and Emails

Taking advantage of all that Claim Titan has to offer gives you the confidence to know that you will always be informed on your claims and be instantly notified of anything important.

Always in the Loop

Review recent updates, archive emails, and never miss what is happening with your claims.

See Recent Activity

Keep records of any calls, documents sent, correspondence and more.

Log Emails

Automatically store a log of claim emails never dig through emails again.

Receive Notifications

If anything urgent ever comes up on a claim you can be notified immediately so you never miss time sensitive issues.

Public adjuster software notifications and alerts
public adjuster software financial tracking, settlements, payments

Stay on Top of Settlements

Claim Titan can store records of settlements and payments so you can be sure your claims always get paid.

Records Settlements

Enter claim settlements and track recovered totals.

Track Payments

Record when payments are on the way or received to know that settlements are paid in full.

Automatic Calculations

Claim Titan will help you automatically calculate contract fees, commission payouts and even referrals.

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Meet The Founder

Claim Titan Was Designed From the Needs of a Public Adjuster

Claim Titan was founded and developed by me, Eric "Edd" Davisson. I found myself working in public adjusting on and off for close to ten years now. It all started right after college when I got a job working with a new public adjuster. I wanted a better way to manage our claims with software that was made just for public adjusters that I would personally use, especially when trying to work with multiple adjusters across states.

There were a few systems and processes I tried over the years including stacks of paper work on my desk, numerous spreadsheets, file sharing and even a few project CRMs. I also tried a few of the adjusting software platforms and found them to still not hit all the needs of a public adjuster or that I was changing the way I worked to accommodated the software when it should be the other way around.

I have a background in software engineering and decided to build an internal solution that I used for our own claims. A huge focus was making sure the system was highly configurable so that it would fit the needs of any adjusting company and not just our own. I used many earlier versions of Claim Titan as our main tool to manage our claims. It's amazing to have a platform built for public adjusters that can be changed to our needs without forcing us to make big changes to our existing processes.

I easily saved hours every week in general claim management and know that I was able to focus on closing more claims. In 2021 I shifted from full time adjusting and focused mainly on continuing to work on Claim Titan and decided to make this software available to other public adjusters who were looking for the same platform I was. If you are looking for a better way to manage your claims with software made for a public adjuster by a public adjuster then you should consider Claim Titan.

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